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25 prill 2017

Esperite N.V. (ESP) with CryoSave contributes to treating a 9 year old child with Thalassemia Major in Switzerland

CryoSave confirms the importance of cord blood stem cells in regenerative medicine.


Last week, CryoSave released a cord blood stem cell unit from the state of the art laboratory in Geneva for the clinical treatment of a young boy who suffers from thalassemia major. The 9 year old patient will receive an allogeneic transplant in Switzerland of the cord blood stem cells from his now 2 year old brother.


Zutphen, The Netherlands – 25 April 2017


30 shtator 2016

Esperite (ESP) leads international consortium for clinical translation of extracellular vesicles use in various therapies


Extracellular vesicles (EVs) disruptive technology targets unmet needs in neuroinflammatory diseases at lower costs than allogenic stem cell therapies.

Esperite’s business unit The Cell Factory develops EVs-based therapeutics in treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy in children jointly with Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research and the Women’s and Children’s Health Department of the University of Padua.


Zutphen, The Netherlands – 30 September 2016

29 gusht 2016

ESPERITE N.V. (ESP) announces additional information on envisaged financing


Esperite N.V. (Euronext: ESP, “Esperite” or “the Group”) announced in its press release of 23 August 2016 that it prepares for a significant external funding before year end to which the main shareholder will contribute along with potential other investors.


Zutphen, The Netherlands – 29 August 2016

23 gusht 2016

ESPERITE N.V. (ESP) publishes revenue increase of 6% compared to HY1 2015 and 8% compared to HY2 2015


ESPERITE N.V. (ESP) publishes revenue increase of 6% compared to HY1 2015 and 8% compared to HY2 2015

Significant EBITDA improvement


Zutphen, The Netherlands – 23 August 2016

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